Dr Tracey Hanley

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Brief Description Tracey Hanley is a senior research scientist with a background in materials characterisation specialising in X-ray characterisation.
Her research interests include synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured materials via self assembly processes.
This includes the production of surface functionalized mesoporous materials for application in selective ionic adsorption and separation science. She is currently leading the Separation Science project within
Materials Engineering at ANSTO. Her expertise includes: wide range of characterisation techniques and spectroscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, small angle scattering (SAXS and SANS), reflectometry, XRD, self assembly science,
mesoporous materials, photochromics, polymers and templating.
Email Address tracey.hanley@ansto.gov.au
Family Name Hanley
Given Name Tracey
Salutation Dr
Street Address Institute Of Materials Engineering, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Road Lucas Heights NSW 2232
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Tags Nuclear Materials Management, Materials, materials
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