Nuclear Materials Science

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Brief Description In this context, our research group is focused on activities which can deliver benefits towards future environmentally sustainable energy production
Research conducted under the Nuclear Materials Science program seeks to address the emerging needs of materials and processes linked to the advanced nuclear fuel cycle.
and to apply our expertise in other areas to support Australia's environmental challenges.
The research team is building an effective capability in separations science, waste forms and nano-scale synthesis with particular emphasis on structure-function relationships of engineered materials;
specifically modifying chemical, thermal or mechanical properties of materials using nano-scale processes. We have expertise in the synthesis of oxide and non-oxide materials using solution chemistry, vapour phase deposition and
electrochemical methods. Our labs have the tools to prepare and characterise the evolution of materials synthesised at several length scales. In addition, there are many investigative tools to study the structure-function relationships of
materials, they include; vibrational spectroscopy (FTIR, Raman), UV-Vis spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, surface analysis by gas adsorption methods, particle size measurement and a radio-analytical chemistry lab for probing the
adsorption of radionuclides with alpha and gamma spectroscopy.


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Tags materials, Nuclear Materials Management, Materials
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