Structural Integrity

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Brief Description The Structural Integrity Program undertakes research in the area of the behaviour of materials in extreme environments; principally neutron irradiation, high temperature and high pressure.
The major aims are to understand and predict the behaviour of materials under future Generation IV (GenIV) and fusion power reactor operating conditions,
in order to determine the effect that property changes have on the integrity of the structures that make up the reactor systems and also to design and fabricate new materials for such applications.
This includes an understanding of the effect of neutron irradiation on structural materials and how these changes affect the development of residual stresses in welds due to thermo mechanical effects including the
Major Research Topics: - Understand the effects of neutron irradiation on the properties of materials for use in nuclear applications, particularly in GenIV fission and future fusion reactors.
- Model welds in structural materials to understand the performance of structures, particularly multi-pass welds that have the potential to develop significant residual stresses.
- Develop knowledge of materials properties at high temperature and extend current defect and structural assessment codes applicable to next generation power plants.
- Design and manufacture new materials for operation in extreme environments.
evolution microstructure.
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Tags materials, Materials, Metallurgy
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