Australian GNIP Rainfall data 1960-2014

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Tagged with Isotope Ratio, Oxygen, Deuterium, Hydrology, Precipitation, Hydrogen Isotopes, Tritium


Access Rights Description Use of stable isotope data (excl. Margate) requires citation of: Hollins et al., 2018. Rainfall isotope variations over the Australian continent - implications for hydrology and isoscape applications. Sci. Total Environ. 645: 630-645.
Use of tritium data requires citation of Tadros, C.V., Hughes, C.E., Crawford, J.C., Hollins, S.E. and Chisari, R., 2014. Tritium in Australian precipitation: a 50 year record. Journal of Hydrology. 513, 262-273.
Use of Margate data requires citation of Treble, P.C., Budd, W.F., Hope, P.K., Rustomji, P.K., 2005a. Synoptic-scale climate patterns associated with rainfall ??18O in southern Australia. J. Hydrol., 302, 270-282.
Comments This dataset will also be included in the Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation. For dataset updates or additional data please visit
Contact Dr Catherine Hughes
Contributor Dr Jagoda Crawford
Carol Tadros
Geographical Location Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cape Grim, Charleville, Cobar, Darwin, Meekathara, Melbourne, Mildura, Mount Isa, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Woomera. Additional data from GNIP for Campbelltown and Margate included for completeness.
Related Info Australian Rainfall Isoscape
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Subject ARC FOR Codes 040203, 040107

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Visibility External RIFCS Published (0012)
Tags Isotope Ratio, Oxygen, Deuterium, Hydrology, Precipitation, Hydrogen Isotopes, Tritium
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