Dr Elliot Gilbert

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Brief Description Dr Elliot Gilbert leads the project for the design, construction, commissioning of the state-of-the-art SANS instrument (Quokka) at the OPAL reactor.
Elliot is also leader of the of the Food Science project that seeks to apply a materials science approach to the study of structure and dynamics in food-based systems.
He received his PhD in chemistry from the Australian National University in 1998. Following an ARC/SPIRT Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship,
he joined the Small-Angle Scattering Group at the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source at Argonne National Laboratory in 1999 where he provided scientific and technical assistance to users of the small-angle scattering instruments.
Elliot's interests lie in soft condensed matter science and he has investigated such diverse areas as emulsion stabilisation, polymers in confined geometry and phase separation in paraffins but
now has an increasing focus on naturally occurring materials. He has recently written a review on the application of neutron scattering in food science
Family Name Gilbert
Given Name Elliot
Phone Number +61 (0) 2 9717 9470
Related Info http://www.ansto.gov.au/research/bragg_institute/contacts/dr_elliot_gilbert
Salutation Dr
Street Address Bragg Institute, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation New Illawarra Road Lucas Heights NSW 2234

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