Stable Isotopes in the Sydney Region

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Brief Description Event based precipitation samples were collected at 5 sites in the Sydney region and analysed for 18O and 2H concentrations commencing in 2005.
Samples were taken at Lucas Heights, Mt Werong, Lithgow, Big Hill and Mittagong during rainfall events.
Geographical Location northlimit=-34.0380; southlimit=-34.0379; westlimit=150.9919; eastlimit=150.9918; projection=WGS84
northlimit=-34.0785; southlimit=-34.0786; westlimit=149.9142; eastlimit=149.9141; projection=WGS84
northlimit=-33.4832; southlimit=-33.4833; westlimit=150.1498; eastlimit=150.1499; projection=WGS84
northlimit=-34.5532; southlimit=-34.5531; westlimit=149.9785; eastlimit=149.9786; projection=WGS84
northlimit=-34.4502; southlimit=-34.4503; westlimit=150.4528; eastlimit=150.4529; projection=WGS84
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Collection Type Dataset
Visibility External RIFCS Published (0012)
Tags Isotopes, Precipitation, Oxygen, Deuterium
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