High resolution studies of cosmogenic beryllium isotopes (10Be and 7Be) at Law Dome

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Brief Description 10Be and 7Be are naturally-occurring radioactive isotopes produced in the Earth's atmosphere and surface by cosmic rays, at a rate controlled by the activity of the Sun (and other factors).
10Be is long-lived while 7Be 'decays' much more quickly. Using the Air-link we now have an opportunity to return ice core samples containing the short-lived 7Be isotope to Australia for measurement.
This project proposes to use 10Be and 7Be measurements in Antarctic ice to improve our interpretation of past solar activity and better understand its linkage to global climate change.
Geographical Location northlimit=-66.71; southlimit=-66.75; westlimit=112.81; eastlimit=112.85; projection=WGS84
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Ice Core Records
Sun-Earth interactions
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